NeoPlace Hackathon Paris: be challenged!


Come challenge us, and be challenged in return!

The NeoPlace team is organizing a hackathon on 23rd of June in Paris. We will be there to coach, mentor and answer questions on both the Business side and the Technical side.

Great, famous projects were born from Hackathons (Gmail, LinkedIn “year in review”). NeoPlace hackathon is a great opportunity to allow the community to participate, submit, test and realize YOUR idea.

This is only a way for your input to be considered for integration into the NeoPlace open ecosystem.

In NeoPlace, we believe that the best ideas come from the community, that is the core principle of our open protocol and the vision of our ecosystem.

A quick 3-min Registration process (with location, times etc):

Some small homework/resources for your proposals:

White paper:


1)Check out our website:

2)Download the App: (NeoPlace on iOS and Android)

3)Subscribe to our website:

4) Read all the useful links for hackathon at the bottom

Where to follow us:

If you are NOT able to attend in Paris but would like to participate: you have to have a team of 3–4 member wherever you are located, and apply giving maximum details about the idea, the profile of the team members, the location, the tools and resources you have to participate. We will liaise with you if it is feasible to integrate you

Share and cooperate to give life to your ideas

We believe that NeoPlace will disrupt the world by bringing cryptocurrencies to another level and by making the use of cryptocurrencies useful to anyone.

But we believe that the community is the core of NeoPlace. Sharing and helping between ourselves is invaluable!

Your ideas, knowledge and your experiences will be very valuable to change our daily habits.

How you can make a difference


Develop and test prototypes in just 1 day, you will find all the resources to build you mini project proposal right now :


Connect with the Blockchain community, developers and build teams to do it in a fun and insightful way!

During this hackathon, you will be responsible for changing the world with NeoPlace by bringing innovative ideas that might change the world.


NeoPlace hackathon doesn’t just welcome tech guys but is opened to the whole community.

Multiple challenges we will be working on in the Hackathon : business and technical subjects.

Brainstorming subject: How to disrupt cross-border e-commerce with NeoPlace?

For the non-tech community, a multitude of several product workshops will be organized such as:

-Business development and cross-border e-commerce

-How to hack e-commerce sellers attention and how to engage them

-How to attract the broader public attention ?

For the tech community, technical workshops will be organized to leverage your knowledge and skills in Blockchain and computer science:

-UX/UI design front-end : improving the NeoPlace value proposition

-Creation and design of API, SDK

About blockchain topics:

– Escrow Account system : investigating the challenges of other cryptocurrencies (beyond ETH, ERC20 and Bitcoin)

– Development & integration of ERC20 tokens in the NeoPlace built-in wallet

– Business & technical workshop: Dispute resolution: applied to goods, service (Freelance): immediate next steps

NeoPlace team is looking for a variety of diverse people in multiple sectors:

-Technical developers with strong operational experience in Solidity, Javascript,

-Front-end UX/UI developers ((Angular >v.4))

-Blockchain specialist (security, performance)

-UX Designers

-Specialists in product

-Strategy or innovation specialists, e-commerce entrepreneurs

-People experienced in e-commerce/digital marketing/growth hacking

We invite the community for developing tools. The strength of our project lies in the fact that it is a solution that allows us to use it in our daily lives in all in one ecosystem: buying goods, services, payment with cryptocurrency.

We are looking for talented people passionate about Blockchain ecosystem and to join our dev team!

If you are a Developer looking to contribute, contact us!

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