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NeoPlace protocol

NeoPlace protocol will facilitate the cross-border e-commerce with the creation of marketplace and e-shop with a global inventory. Sellers and buyers will benefit from new opportunities and will be incentivized through the NeoPlace ecosystem.  E-shops and marketplaces that list inventory from other third party merchants are automatically rewarded once a cross-NeoPlace sale happens.
Whether you are an experienced seller with a business on Amazon, Alibaba, or Ebay, or whether you are a seller with no previous experience, NeoPlace ecosystem provides two products built on the top of NeoPlace protocol.

NeoPlace Market

Built on the top of NeoPlace protocol, NeoPlace Market will be a marketplace for occasional users with no prior experience. It will also be the directory of other marketplaces built upon NeoPlace protocol.

White label marketplace / e-shop

Any experienced seller can import and syncrhonize his existing catalog of products from Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress into NeoPlace and start doing business, reach more buyers and accept cryptocurrency.

NeoPlace protocol: under the hood

Anyone will be able to connect to NeoPlace protocol through a multitude of librairies and tools. Whether you are a developer or a seller with no experience, we provide a whole ecosystem to facilitate the cross-border e-commerce at the next level.

NeoPlace API

Multiple API services:
Generation of wallet, Product management, Import and from other selling channels, listing, inventory, payment management

NeoPlace SDK

Librairies for creation of white label marketplace/e-shop with including all API features.

NeoPlace Builder

A user-friendly tool to build marketplace/e-shop.

CMS plugins

Plugins to connect WordPress and others CMS to NeoPlace protocol.

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