A 5-year plan to achieve success


Q1: NeoPlace is founded
Q2: First beta of NeoPlace
Q3: Add first blockchain asset
Q4: First whitepaper released. First NeoPlace MVP. Creation of Smart Contract


Q1: New whitepaper. Beta testers
Q2:  Second MVP. New website
Q3:  NeoPlace token sale. Launch of NeoPlace Market in production
Q4: Release of the first version of NeoPlace API and SDK


Q1: Release of final SDK, APIs (Orders, payment processing)
Q2: B2B business development (e-shops, Marketplaces)
Q3: Opening of new categories for NeoPlace Market
Q4: Marketing of NeoPlace Service (1st category of freelancers)


Q1: Release of advanced APIs (data analytics)
Q2: Launch of NeoPlace ShopBuilder (for newcomers to e-commerce)
Q3: NeoPlace Americas (after Asia and Europe)
Q4: Marketing to Latin America


Q1: Exploring strategic partnerships
Q2: Bringing small retail onto the ecosystem
Q3: Scaling NeoPlace service by adding new categories
Q4: Marketing to Africa


Q1: NeoPlace Africa
Q2: Scaling NeoPlace service by adding new categories
Q3: Preparing the next strategic leaps

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